Why You Never Want to Put Off a Kitchen Renovation in Overland Park!

June 26, 2020

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If you’ve been putting off a much-needed kitchen renovation in Overland Park, now is the time to call a renovation contractor near you. While a new kitchen design might be a bit costly, it’s one of the best investments you can make for your home and family.

Before you go another month or year without that beautiful Overland Park kitchen remodel your home needs, check out some reasons why it’s never recommended that you put off this work. Discuss your options and further concerns with an Overland Park kitchen renovation contractor as needed, and you can then decide how to best update your home’s kitchen space.

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Add Hygienic Surfaces With an Overland Park Kitchen Renovation

A home’s kitchen and bathroom spaces need to be more than functional and attractive; these areas should also be hygienic and easy to clean. Kitchen countertops especially should resist germs, bacteria, and other debris, providing a safe surface for food prep and cooking.

While you might assume that your home’s kitchen is clean and pristine, note that older countertops are often covered in small nicks and scratches. These small nooks trap and lock dirt and debris that becomes difficult to remove even with strong household cleansers.

New solid surfaces such as quartz or granite countertops for an Overland Park home provide a safe, hygienic surface for your foodstuffs. Solid surfaces repel dirt and germs and typically wipe clean with a damp rag and mild cleansers. To ensure your home is as hygienic as possible, invest in a kitchen renovation in Overland Park once you notice your kitchen countertops are old and worn!

An Overland Park Kitchen Remodel Means Added Safety!

As with countertops, it’s vital that kitchen flooring in an Overland Park home be safe and clean. Old and worn tile is especially dangerous underfoot, as it’s easy to trip on chipped or uneven areas. Some older styles of linoleum and other such tile materials might also be missing areas of coating, making for a slick surface.

While you don’t want unsafe walking surfaces in any area of your home, an old and worn floor is especially dangerous in the kitchen! Tripping or slipping while carrying heavy or hot pans and trays of food can mean serious injury, not to mention the waste of spilled foodstuffs! To reduce this risk and add style to your home instantly, consider new flooring in your Overland Park kitchen remodel.

overland park kitchen renovation

Older kitchens with inadequate lighting can also mean an unsafe environment in the kitchen. Handling knives and other tools as well as hot pots and pans without proper lighting easily risks cuts, burns, and the like. Your new kitchen design can mean updated lighting overhead as well as lighting underneath cabinets and other areas where it’s needed most!

Reduce Stress With a Kitchen Renovation in Overland Park

Trying to work in a kitchen that’s too small for your family or that doesn’t offer adequate, accessible storage can mean added stress every single day, for both you and your family! Going back and forth across the kitchen to get items you need when they’re not at your fingertips adds time to your daily routine, while an overly small kitchen might mean not enough people can fit in the kitchen and help with food prep and other chores.

An outdated and downright ugly kitchen also looks unwelcoming and unappetizing, also making cooking stressful on everyone. On the other hand, your new kitchen design in Overland Park can mean a brighter, more welcoming space that you’ll love, even if cooking is not your favorite chore. Custom cabinets in an Overland Park kitchen also add lots of convenient storage right where it’s needed.

Your kitchen contractor in Overland Park can also work with you to redesign the entire footprint of your current kitchen. If there is lots of empty, wasted space, he or she might suggest relocating walls to bring cabinets closer together while increasing space in an adjoining room. If the layout is simply awkward and cumbersome, your contractor can work with you to relocate appliances and cabinetry where they work best for you and your family.

Older Kitchens Can Be Hiding Needed Repairs

Very often a kitchen renovation in Overland Park reveals areas of needed repairs behind walls and along a home’s subflooring. When a contractor pulls out old appliances he or she will typically test the home’s subfloor to note its strength and stability and if it can manage new appliances, and will often find worn or damaged floors beams and joists needing replacing.

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As a contractor checks electrical wiring for updated appliances and other such fixtures, this might also alert him or her to mold, water-damaged wall studs, and other such issues that need attention. Your contractor might also find plumbing leaks, frayed electrical wiring, pest infestation, worn insulation, and the like.

While you might not associate a kitchen renovation in Overland Park with necessary repairs and upgrades to the home, getting these fixes done before remodeling work prevents future damage. You will also know that your home is free of mold and pests, for a safe environment for you and your family.

You Deserve a Beautiful Kitchen Design!

One last reason to never put off a needed Overland Park kitchen remodel is that you and your family deserve a stunningly beautiful kitchen design! There is no need to live with dingy and dark colors or a bland and dull kitchen that lacks personality and style, especially when today’s kitchen materials and chef-inspired appliances are more affordable than ever before.

If your home’s kitchen seems outdated and downright ugly or just doesn’t inspire you as it should, it’s time for a kitchen renovation in Overland Park. Your new space can add life to your cooking, making you proud to entertain once again. A new kitchen can also help coordinate the décor of your home’s dining area and other spaces, for an upscale, designer look you’re sure to love. You owe it to yourself to have spaces in the home you love so don’t go another day without scheduling a kitchen renovation in your Overland Park home.

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