5 Reasons You Need a Kitchen Designer in Overland Park!

August 22, 2020

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A kitchen designer in Overland Park is an investment in your home and your everyday convenience! A professional designer can offer solutions for even the most problematic kitchen, creating a functional yet fabulous space you’ll love using every day.

If you’ve never thought of investing in a kitchen designer in Overland Park, and especially if you’re ready to update your home’s kitchen space, you might consider why and how their services are so beneficial. You can then discuss your concerns or questions with a designer and know that you’ll end up with a kitchen space you’ll love for years to come.

A Overland Park Kitchen Designer Can Create a Workable Footprint

If you seem to spend too much time walking between appliances and work surfaces in the kitchen, or the space seems either cramped or overly large for you and your family, call a kitchen designer in Overland Park! A kitchen design expert can create a new footprint or layout for the space that works for your needs in particular.

expert kitchen design in Overland Park

As an example, if you spend too much time walking between food prep areas and appliances or the kitchen sink, a designer might relocate those appliances so they’re closer to certain countertops or each other. For cramped spaces, he or she might note how to move or knock out a wall, or change the size and layout of appliances and cabinetry for more room. If the kitchen seems too large with “dead” or unused spaces, your kitchen designer might suggest ways to utilize that space such as adding a reading nook, or relocating walls in that area for something more workable and cozy.

Call a Kitchen Designer in Overland Park Before Adding New Features

If your home’s kitchen doesn’t have a center island currently and you’re ready to have one installed, or if you want to add larger, chef-inspired appliances, a walk-in pantry, or any such feature, call a Overland Park kitchen designer first! It’s very easy for a homeowner to miscalculate the size of such features and how they might cut into the space, creating a cramped feeling in the kitchen.

A homeowner might also overlook needed clearance for new, larger items; as an example, the door to a separate wine cooler installed along lower cabinetry often needs more room to open than you assume, and a designer might suggest relocating it to different spot in the kitchen. Your larger, wider oven might require the removal of upper cabinets so you can work on the stovetop easily, as another example.

A Overland Park kitchen designer can also ensure you choose new features that work with the space in particular, and that even enhance it! For instance, choosing a center island with cabinets and countertop material to match existing surfaces can create a bland, dull look; a different color cabinetry and countertop material, as suggested by your designer, can make your new island a true kitchen centerpiece.

A Overland Park Kitchen Designer Helps You Create an Entirely New Look

You might love your home’s rich earth tones but are ready for something a bit lighter and brighter in the kitchen. Perhaps you have a very traditional kitchen but love the look of European design or modern spaces that seem warm and inviting even with minimal detailing. Whatever the change needed in your homes’ space, before you try to create an entirely new look in the kitchen, call a Overland Park kitchen designer!

kitchen renovation overland park

Very often, transitioning from one style to another, or even one color scheme to another, is more challenging than homeowners realize. You might be overlooking minor details that really bring a certain style to life, or not know how to utilize new colors and surface materials so everything looks cohesive and coordinated.

A kitchen designer in Overland Park can easily transition your space from one color or design scheme to another, working with you to ensure no detail is overlooked. You’ll then end up with a new kitchen space you love no matter the changes to be made!

A Kitchen Designer in Overland Park Can Add Functional, Accessible Storage

Even a large kitchen can lack functional, accessible if the pantry is located too far away from food prep space or if there are not enough cabinets where you need them. In some cases, you might have enough cabinets but their interior shelves are too small for all your small appliances, or they lack interior compartments and shelves so it becomes cumbersome to organize and store your items.

If your home’s kitchen lacks functional, accessible storage for any reason, call a kitchen designer in Overland Park! He or she can evaluate and note your individual storage needs, the overall footprint or layout of the kitchen, and why current storage options just aren’t working for you. Your designer can then create lots of storage space, right where it’s needed, so your kitchen is functional and accessible and easy to use!

If DIY Renovations Haven’t Worked, Call a Kitchen Designer in Overland Park

Even if you’re relatively talented when it comes to home design and décor, you might realize that you’re simply “in over your head” when it comes to creating a functional, welcoming space in the kitchen. You might have tried installing new cabinetry and countertops, perhaps even invested in beautiful new appliances, only to find that your kitchen space just isn’t what you expected or needed.

In many cases a homeowner might also realize that their kitchen just doesn’t work for them but they’re not quite sure why, or what to do! For example, the kitchen might have some nice cabinets and appliances but doesn’t seem to “pop” with personality. The space might also seem a bit cramped, especially when you’re entertaining friends in the kitchen, but you’re not sure what to remove or downsize for that room you need.

Whatever the case, you don’t need to try another renovation on your own and simply hope for the best. A kitchen designer in Overland Park can note your needs in particular and listen to your concerns about the home’s current kitchen space, and typically come up with a new plan and ideas you might not have ever considered! In the end, their services ensure a kitchen you’ll love for many years to come.


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